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Our services include Mobile Friendly Website DesignProfessional Photography, Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, E-Commerce Website Development, Remote Website Management Services and Video Production Services.  Let our team of creative professionals build a mobile friendly website design for you, one that is compatible with today’s mobile devices and tailored to your specific needs.  We can use our visual technology for photography and video to give you some visual dynamite that will help you stand out from your competitors.  Our talented web design team can create the perfect website to match your vision in record time with our efficient web development process.  CONTACT US today and let us show you how we can make your website dream come to life!

Painted Pixel Web Design is proud to be A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau!

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Say Hello to Your New Door Bell

Your website has become your new front door and the smart phone is your new door bell.  Your potential clients will walk through your ‘web door’ before they ever walk through your front door.  We can help you make your web door easy to find, easy to walk through and even easier to navigate.  There are really no shortcuts to building a great website and, at Painted Pixel Web Design, we bring a very talented team of experienced developers, designers and visual artists together to help you shine with a great design.

At Painted Pixel Web Design, we believe in the power of well designed marketing tool.  Let’s face it, your website can be a very powerful marketing tool and, in today’s mobile world, it has become even more important to out-shine your competitors.  To insure your website is as effective as it can be, we make sure it is in sync with your overall marketing strategy and help you point all your marketing guns at the same target.

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Mobile Friendly Website Design


It’s true……the desktop computer is dying.

Mobile devices are taking over our world by storm……..over 75% of all web traffic happens on a mobile device and, at Painted Pixel Website Design, we take this trend seriously. This is why our websites are built on mobile friendly, responsive platforms and format properly to all mobile devices regardless of size or screen orientation.

At Painted Pixel Website Design, we build mobile friendly websites designed to display properly on today’s smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers.  If you would like to sell your products on-line, let us develop an e-commerce website that is user friendly and easy to maintain.  We can train you to maintain your website or you can have us manage it remotely.

If you want to become more mobile friendly with your website, we’ve got you covered, your friends will love your new mobile website. For a demonstration, give us a call today for a free consultation!


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Graphic Design



At Painted Pixel Website Design, our graphic design team is top notch.  We believe, in today’s on-line world, your image is everything and it deserves to be the very best it can be.  A website with awesome graphics, photography and video can speak volumes about you and your business.  Today’s website audience has a very limited attention span and your time to impact them is extremely limited.  Our graphic design team can create outstanding graphics that will convey your message, even if your visitors don’t read your website text. In addition creating graphics for our websites, our graphic designers can design your logo, signage, brochures, business cards, letterhead and any other graphics to help give your business a professional, consistent image.

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Professional Photography



Nothing helps you shine better than professional photography.  Our professional photographer has over 30 years experience in portrait and corporate photography.  At Painted Pixel Web Design, we have all the gear and creative talent to create visual dynamite for your website audience.  Let our professional photographer help you personalize your website and marketing materials with photography specific to your business.  We provide on-location photography services and will gladly travel to you to help tell your story on-line.  Remember what our world is screaming today…..”Don’t tell me, show me!”

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Professional Video Production

Nothing tells a story like video……

A professionally produced video can tell your story or demonstrate your products like no other medium in the world.  A short, well -produced video can speak volumes about you and your business and enhance your image beyond measure.  At Painted Pixel Website Design, we can help produce dynamic and compelling video with a straightforward message and beautiful videography.  Share your new video on YouTube and Facebook and become the next viral sensation!


Don’t Tell Me……Show Me!

That is what your website audience is crying out today. They would much rather watch a video than read endless pages of dialog……wouldn’t you? We live in a world where audiences are expecting to be engaged, not bored to tears.  This is evidenced by the fact that Youtube.com currently gets more search inquiries per day than Google……the world wants to see what you have in living color, not black and white.

At Painted Pixel Web Design, we like to capture your audience’s attention with professionally produced photography and video for use on your website and social media pages. Contact a representative today to discuss how we can help you shine with a dose of our ‘Visual Dynamite.’

Remote Website Management

Don’t have time to manage or update your website?  Let us do it for you!

At Painted Pixel Website Design, we believe a website that is not properly maintained is not really worth much to anyone.  If you don’t feed it, it won’t feed you.  Even though we train all our clients to maintain the websites we create, sometimes our clients need a life line. We can help manage your website with our remote website management services.  Let us keep your content fresh while you focus on running your business.


Marketing Strategy


Your website is the hardest working marketing tool in you have…..it is working 24/7 for you and needs to be in sync with your entire marketing strategy.  At Painted Pixel Website Design, we can help incorporate your website into your existing marketing mix so that all your marketing materials and campaigns are working in tandem for maximum marketing impact.

Contact Us for a FREE, no obligation, website review or consultation.

Contact Us for a FREE, no obligation, website review or consultation.

Our Process


Tell Us Your Dreams

We believe that every design starts with your needs in mind.  During our intitial meeting with our clients, we like to discuss all aspects of your business and how the web presence we create for you will enhance your business.  You tell us what you would like to accomplish with your website and we will develop a customized plan for you.


We Put it on Paper

Every great website begins with a great set of blueprints.  We take your needs list and create a set of blueprints so you can see, not only how your site will look, but how it will function.  This ‘site map’ will be your first look at how we have taken your vision and turned it into a functional layout.  It is a great visual representation of how the components of your website come together.


Design Time

Once your site map is approved, we turn it over to one of our talented and experienced web designers. We take your logo, photos, and corporate colors and develop your website design. You will receive a proof of your design via e-mail and be given the opportunity to make any changes to the design. In this step, your website really begins to come to life!

Content Posting

Once approved by you, your website design is given to one of our experienced developers where it is turned into a working website. You will be given the opportunity to view the final website design on a staging site prior to going live to insure that it is functioning as you wish.


Go Live

When we finish developing your website, it will be complete, ready to launch with all page content and graphics inserted. We will also teach you to how to make updates to your new website so you can keep future content fresh and current. Updates happen in real time from any internet connection. No special software is required.

Once you are satisfied with the the overall look and feel of your website, you tell us to pull the trigger and we will take it live.

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