Mobile Friendly Website Design, Painted Pixel Design, Jackson, Missouri

Mobile Friendly Website Design – We build mobile friendly websites designed to display properly on today’s smartphones, tablets and laptop computers.  If you would like to sell your products on-line, let us develop an e-commerce website that is user friendly and easy to maintain.  We can train you to maintain your website or you can have us manage it remotely.

Graphic Design, Painted Pixel Websie Design, Jackson, Missouri

Graphic Design – In addition to designing our websites, our graphic designers can design your logo, signage, brochures, business cards, letterhead and any other graphics to help give your business a professional, consistent image.

Professional Photography, Painted Pixel Website Design, Jackson, Missouri 63755

Professional Photography – Let our professional photographer help you personalize your website and marketing materials with photography specific to your business.  With over 30 years photography experience, our on-location photography services are certain to help capture your business the way you want the world to see it…..don’t tell them, show them!

Professional Video Production, Painted Pixel Website Design, Jackson, Missouri

Professional Video Production – Let’s face it, we live in a world where videos have become a very popular means of communicating.  Adding a short, professionally produced video to your website or Facebook page can not only validate you as an expert, but help you and your products come to life.  Ask us about our video production services and let us help you say it with video!

Remote Website Management, Painted Pixel Web Design, Jackson, Missouri 63755

Remote Website Management – We believe a website that is not properly maintained is not really worth much to anyone.  If you don’t feed it, it won’t feed you.  Even though we train all our clients to maintain the websites we create, sometimes our clients need a life line. We can help manage your website with our remote website management services. If you are too busy to maintain your website, we can do it for you so you can focus on running your business.

Facebook Marketing, Painted Pixel Website Design, Jackson, Missouri 63755

Facebook Marketing – Facebook can be an incredible marketing tool for any business.  Let us help you market your business with some of our Facebook Marketing Tools. We can utilize some proven Facebook marketing strategies to help you start making friends, increase your LIKES, and build relationships with new potential clients.  Let us help you unleash the power of Facebook today!

Marketing Strategy, Painted Pixel Website Design, Jackson, Missouri, 63755

Marketing Strategy  – Your website is a valuable marketing tool that needs to be working in sync with all your other marketing tools.  Let us help you bring all the pieces of your marketing puzzle together by creating a rock solid marketing plan for your business.  Our marketing strategies will help you point all your guns at the same target and increase your marketing muscle.