Say Hello to Your New Door Bell

At Painted Pixel Web Design, we believe in the power of well designed marketing tool.  Let’s face it, your website can be a very powerful marketing tool and, in today’s mobile world, it has become even more important to out-shine your competitors.  To insure your website is as effective as it can be, we make sure it is in sync with your overall marketing strategy and help you point all your marketing guns at the same target.

Your website has become your new front door and the smart phone is your new door bell.  Your potential clients will walk through your ‘web door’ before they ever walk through your front door.  We can help you make your web door easy to find, easy to walk through and even easier to navigate.  There are really no shortcuts to building a great website and, at Painted Pixel Web Design, we bring a very talented team of experienced developers, designers and visual artists together to help you shine with a great design.

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